Summertime can be so much fun! With campfires, camping trips, swimming, and tons of extra time with kiddos in the sun, it’s definitely one of our favorite seasons! But all that extra living can come at a high price of chaos in our home. We have 3 tips for you to keep your home calm while enjoying all that extra fun.


1- Keep the mess at bay 

This one is two-fold. First, spend a little time every morning and every night cleaning to keep the house from total chaos. Second- Keep it at bay not completely gone! With extra fun being had there is going to be a little more mess, embrace it and relax! Enjoy this time with loved ones <3 <3 <3

2- Keep those margins

We have talked many times about adding margin into your life. What’s margin? Thats the extra space at the edges of a page in a book. Keep extra space in your life for the unexpected things. Especially during summertime it’s easy to feel a pressure to do it all and have SO MUCH FUN! All of that pressure to have fun actually can make it a burden and soooo stressful! Keep your life as unscheduled as possible so you are open to adventures happening and equally allowing rest to happen.

3- Keep it simple

Summer is not the time for a complicated menu or complicated anything for that matter. Grill, alot. Keep the menu simple. Stick to basics like hiking and swimming and sidewalk chalk. Keep your makeup and wardrobe simple and effortless. By reducing the extra time spent on those things you can maximize your time to enjoy the sunshine without feeling rushed and stressed! Oh and for all those barbeques you will be attending? Find a bomb pasta salad that is always a hit and just make that everytime. It’s simple, usually easy to throw together, and you won’t have to spend time figuring out what to bring. #winwin

These are our some of our tips for keeping your home and life simple, less chaotic and more fun this summer. What are some of yours? Bonus points if you share your bomb pasta salad recipe!