The Urgent takes priority over the Important

How many times do we find ourselves rushing from urgent thing to urgent thing and never have time for the truly important things in life, especially our families? If we aren’t intentional we will find ourselves living for everyone except the ones we deeply love.  I’m going to share with y’all my favorite 3 tips for how I make family time a priority and some of our favorite ways to spend time together!  *This post will include some affiliate links, if you purchase through our links we will make a small commission which helps us keep growing our business and sharing more with you!*

#1 – Schedule it

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. Pick a day or evening a week that works best for your family then mark it off on your calendar. Literally, write it down for every week so that it’s there taking up space and removing the temptation to add something else into that time slot.

#2 – Make it fun

Find an activity your family all enjoys, and brings you together. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional movie night but the best kind of family time is one that’s spent talking, laughing, and making eye contact. Our favorite way to spend our family night is playing games. Here are a few of our grown up and kid favorites, sure to make any family game night fun!

These are always a hit at game nights for when we have older family members joining us:

Wits and Wagers

Ticket To Ride

King Of New York

These are favorites amongst our younger ones:

Yeti in my Spaghetti

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

Soggy Doggy

And during the summer we love these outdoor options:

Giant Tumbling Timbers

Bocce Ball


We are always trying new games so family night stays fun and interesting. Something we truly look forward to each week!

#3 – Make it a habit

How many things do we do almost daily that we don’t even think about because it’s habit? The same goes for family time, it’s okay to sometimes have something that comes up and we miss family time. Like a special event or family emergency but try to fiercely protect that family time until it becomes such a habit that you couldn’t imagine a week without that special time together.

Whatever you decide to do, know that just making the decision to set aside the time for family is HUGE! it will help lower your stress levels, it will help your kids to grow up feeling connected and secure (which we all know helps kids succeed in school and in life!), and it will create memories that will last for many many years to come!

<3 Katee