Several years ago I found this amazing, big old  9- pane window. (the chippy green told me this was not something to leave behind)

I really had no idea what I might use it for; though, I did love it so. It sat and sat and sat. (and sadly got forgotten as it was hidden behind newer found treasures) Every now and then I would see it and consider putting out on the floor to sell, but something always held me back.
Sometime during this time, a very sweet customer who was brand new to our community, had left a request for a piece she was looking for to complete a project she had in mind…time passed and all of a sudden I remembered that chippy green window from my personal stash. I had to dig a little to find it, but couldn’t wait to confirm it indeed had 9 panes.
I sent her a photo and she was thrilled!!! It was perfect for what she wanted to do!
I was struck with the realization that …I had bought this window…never intending to sell it, but no real plan to use it for myself. For some weird reason I was never quite able to get it out on the floor for sale…I was feeling like this window had been waiting for this day all along.
After she got it home, and had heard all this she discovered that chippy green paint in the window was almost an exact match to the paint chip she had been saving to paint her piano with!! She told her mom she believed that window was ordained to be in her home
 I tend to agree.
Some see a window and a simple transaction. I see GOD working in ways beyond me; building our faith through ordinary, yet extraordinary connections. Sometimes when things don’t make sense. Just wait. There just might be something extraordinary in the works!
  Blessings!  Xoxo!! patty