Ever have a project that COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED you? Maybe rearranging your home or a big project at work? How about starting a new tradition or routine in your family? Or maybe it’s weight loss (That’s my big one! My goal is over 60lbs to get back to healthy, talk about overwhelming!)

The key to almost any success is controlling the overwhelmWhy is this key? Well, think about what goes through your head when you’re overwhelmed. “I can’t do this” “I’m not strong enough” “I don’t have enough time to finish this” Those thoughts are crippling, so you freeze. You do nothing, and this guarantees failure.

When the monster of overwhelm rears its head, its critical to stop it in its tracks and here are our favorite ways to slay him. (Because obviously, it’s a boy lol!)

  • Take a deep breath and tell yourself that, as a matter of fact, you can do this!

Send a little positive reinforcement to yourself to help combat the discouraging lies that so often overwhelms us

  • Make a list of what needs to be done and, if possible, divide that into different sections

Writing it down reveals what ACTUALLY needs to be done, and makes it possible to set and track goals

  • Set a plan and a timeline for meeting your goals

We can stay forever in the planning stage if we don’t set goals to challenge ourselves, but charging ahead with no plan is a sure way to end up lost, overwhelmed, and unsuccessful.

  • Celebrate the little victories along the way to keep you motivated

Every time you reach a mini goal that brings you closer to the big one, CELEBRATE IT! It’s important to keep yourself motivated and encouraged by recognizing all that you accomplished.

As you face big goals, big projects, and big dreams we want you to succeed and we want to celebrate with you! Join us in the Barnloft to find community, encouragement, lessons, and most of all friends to come alongside you. Friends who will encourage and challenge you, who will cheer you and celebrate you.

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