My home is rarely perfect. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s never been perfect! ??  but one thing I do almost every day is to make my bed. It’s my little bit of perfection. It brings me happiness even in the chaos around me. Just look at it, I mean, it’s beautiful ??

And you can ask my husband, I’m fussy about how it’s made. I try hard to have little to no wrinkles. The pillows all centered. The blankets at the end even. And afterwards, I keep guard over it. No one is allowed to touch it, I fuss when the girls or Mr.Rustic sits on it.

Yesterday something happened. I let it go. I played monster with miss L and miss Vi while they ran back and forth. Much giggling ensued. All of this on my bed. That little bit of perfection was rumpled

It’s not a huge difference in the appearance of my bed but it is a huge difference in my heart.  Instead of stress or a need to control.  I felt laughter and joy.
My girls taught me a lesson and gave me a gift. Being present and letting go of perfection leads to laughter joy and precious memories being created.  ❤❤❤    So I encourage you in whatever season of life that you’re in to take advantage of those moments to enjoy, to laugh, to be present, and to let go.

Xoxo, Katee