Its human nature to be aware of our needs. That’s how we survive, we realize we need to eat or drink. But it’s all too easy to become so focused on our needs and our to-do lists that we end up with blinders on. We walk around, even with a sincere heart to serve the Lord but, blind to His lost sheep. Every moment of every day needs to be spiritual sat at His feet. Sensitive to His Holy Spirit’s leading. It’s hard to be generous and helpful to the needy if I don’t even see them….am I right? Can I get a witness?

Sometimes they’re holding a sign. Sometimes they come to you asking for help. But sometimes it’s the overwhelmed mama who needs someone to take her babies for an afternoon off or that person who comes to church with a smile masking the pain their feelings. You can watch, listen, and ask. Those all help but the best thing is to pray. For guidance, wisdom, and the Holy Spirit’s leading in who what when where and how you give.

One way you can do that is to grab a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop and sit down. That’s it. I know, too easy right?? But when you do that with no phone, no distractions, you begin to see more of what’s happening around you. You see the people, the ones laughing with friends and the ones sitting by themselves. But more importantly, you can begin to notice the ones that seem lonely, have a longing in their eyes. Doing this on a regular basis will train your heart to see, and that’s the first step in changing your habits and opening yourself to the needs of others

May we have open eyes, open hearts, and open hands this next week.