Sometimes problems, trials, seasons of overwhelm come suddenly. But there are many times we can see them coming on the horizon.  If we took the time to look ahead,  if we evaluated what’s coming and our plans, maybe we could ease the pressure.
A Rustic Girl looks ahead not with worry, but rather with CONFIDENCE.
Well because her life is perfect and she never has any problems!  Just kidding.  Everyone has hills and valleys, including the rustic girl.
So why doesn’t she worry? Because she is Prepared. She sees the problems and first she prays. She casts her cares and worries before the King who knows more than her and loves deeper than her.
Okay, I prayed, so I’m good right? Nope. Trusting God is not an excuse to be lazy or foolish.  Now we plan, we prepare, and that’s when fear can get out.
I know that there will be busy seasons. I pray for my family during the crazy times. Then I plan. I do as much for the business ahead of this season.  I plan intentional family times. I prepare my husband and kids by communicating my love daily and being clear about when I need to work and when I can be present.
My fellow rustic girls, how do you pray and prepare for the storms of life?
Xoxo- Katee