Life is busy. And full. It can be challenging meeting all the demands. Many times delays, frustrations, sorrows and disappointments fill our days. Our best plans fizzle. Our list of demands exceeds our days allotted hours. Bad news comes. Life is NOT the fairytale we imagined it would be.?
We could just throw up our hands. Bury in under our covers. Be disappointed, angry, sad, overwhelmed all of the above✔
Or…We can choose Joy.
Joy is mentioned over 150 times in the Bible.  We sing about it. We share quotes about. If we know Christ, we have it within us and full!!!
Life does NOT have to be perfect to be filled with joy. (Did you get that?) again. Life does NOT have to be perfect to be FILLED with Joy!
Our circumstances are ever-changing. Our GOD is not! No matter what our circumstances, our God is with us and HE is above all. Our Joy can flourish when we remember this. (As I doubted writing about Joy; despite knowing it was what God wanted me to write about this week…this popped up in my FB memories this morning)
7 years ago. I was joyful! And I wanted to share that!! HE knew I would need this reminder of sharing Joy? Count your blessings. Be thankful and grateful. Live hopefully and joyfully.
Our joy is contagious. When we allow it to spill over and out…it blesses and encourages others. Share your joy!!!
There are many overwhelmed, discouraged and hurting. Seek them. Love them. Help them find joy.
For HIS glory alone, Patty?